When you fly First Class, the benefits begin before you board the plane. Delta’s International Business Class meals aren’t anything to brag about, either. Sounds like the cabin crew was terrific, but those (ugly) seats look awfully close together…. From. Ha! My first stop after security was Delta’s SkyClub. As well as review the check in. I flew Delta Domestic First Class on a flight from Minneapolis to San Francisco on a Boeing 757. I booked a ticket in First Class on Delta’s 757-200 for an excellent price. It’s a similar configuration to American’s E-175 (12/20/44), but with fewer extra legroom seats. But until the airline turns itself around, it’s my last choice of the big airlines. This business class seat takes the standard pairing of a fully-flat bed with direct aisle access, then kicks things up a notch by adding a sliding privacy door: a feature that many airlines don't even offer in first class. The best thing about flying Delta A330 first class is that everyone has direct aisle access. A few people needed a refill of beverages, and it took flight attendants several minutes to respond. Back in December, Delta Air Lines had some excellent fares from New York-JFK to Mexico City. Via. We arrived early, thus, we had to wait for gate space to open up. “Mr. Just buy your cheap delta fares and get a dirty egg sandwich. I am reminded, in seeing the view aft in F, that one issue I consistently have with DL (but not SWA, my second tier airline, or KL when in Europe): there is ZERO lumbar support in those seats. I think you are confusing “to go” with “open containers”. Any flight where Winston is waiting on the other end feels as long as a Singapore to Newark flight, given how excited I am to see him. And I don’t think the problem I’ve mentioned above is exclusively a DL one. I was in the seat in front of you. After the relative high of that flight things will spiral downwards as you move onto UA and AA. She then offered me a bottle of white wine to take with me for my mom. First Class flyers get priority boarding with Delta. A premium experience that puts Delta customers’ needs first. There was a snack basket, and before offering it to the rest of the cabin, she came up to us and offered us our choice of what we wanted. The flush wasn’t your traditional “vacuum” suck but instead operated more like a traditional loo. Nothing in particular stood out to me, but everything tasted as it should. Surely United, American, BA, and other airlines that are generally considered to be below average can notice his name on a manifest. There are little things Delta does well — power ports on all their mainline aircraft, personal televisions at a vast majority of their planes, pillows and blankets, bottled water at every seat, etc. I always said that the best way to pick a lover was to go on a bad date with the person. I only had a thank you for my loyalty and business once this year from a united club employee. Since this was a Friday morning I had work to do, and I connected to the Gogo 2Ku Wi-Fi. The SkyClub wasn’t very open, rather somewhat partitioned. The legroom certainly wasn’t as good as American’s old 737-800s, but they’re reconfiguring those planes with less legroom, and by comparison these planes do seem more comfortable. Other passengers didn’t seem too pleased at my ‘cutting’ and gave me some pretty nasty looks. @1kSUCKS Lmao, 30 grand a year spent on United is small change my man. Detroit. While I enjoyed the single “throne” seat, I wanted to see how the pairs compared. They are really great and add a lot of value to your website, so more domestic reviews would be fantastic. I continued with the orange juice. Needless to say, these headphones were garbage. Boarding started shortly after I arrived. JetBlue to JFK is a vastly better experience in Mint and in Y. The app sent a push notification as our bag was entering the belt, and it arrived 13 minutes after arriving at the gate. Still better than the crap called deep dish pizza on an American flight from LHR/ORD. Introduction: San Diego to Minneapolis on Delta Airlines 02. That sandwich looks disgusting! Thanks, yeah… I’m crew. But yeah, Ben, so you’re saying: January 30, 2017. The breakfast choices were between an egg sandwich and yogurt and granola. I wasn’t initially going to review a domestic flight, but then I figured why the heck not? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. After checking in at the nearly empty Sky Priority lane, I went through the security. I ended up using my own headphones. At the end of the flight, however, I was glad I didn’t spend more than I did. It’s darling Delta after all. However, to play devil’s advocate here, I have had some of the rudest, most surly crews ever- across all airlines- on DL’s ultra long haul flights such as ATL-JNB (which I’ve taken 6+ times round trip) and LAX-SYD (taken a few times) in DL One. I have such respect for them as a carrier and I think that they’ve done an amazing job at creating a sustainable airline business model that will remain intact through a lot of future economic cycles. While I love Delta, don’t you think every time “Benjamin Schlappig” flies the airline that someone in the customer loyalty department makes sure FAs pay special attention to you? Reminder: OMAAT comments are changing soon. Arriving in Mexico City was a bit of a hot mess. Here are some more pictures of the seat. Delta served a meal in economy on this flight. 0. The Delta domestic first class seat on the 737 offers 37 inches of pitch, which is about 7 more than regular economy and 3 more than Comfort+. Follow him on social media for all his latest travel updates. For some reason, my seat wouldn’t recline as much as others (including my seatmate). There were 3 rows of first class in a 2-2 configuration. Travel in the Time of COVID: The news, resources, & information you need, • Introduction: The 25,000 Mile Journey To Greece• Review: Aer Lingus A321LR Business Class• Review: Aer Lingus Arrivals Lounge Dublin Airport• Review: Platinum Services Dublin Airport• Flying Around Europe With TAPered Expectations• Review: TAP Air Portugal A321LR Business Class• Review: United 787-10 Polaris Business Class• Review: Diamond Lounge Brussels Airport• Review: EVA Air 787-9 Business Class• Review: Waldorf Astoria Bangkok• Review: Thai Airways Business Lounge Bangkok Airport• Review: Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Airport• Review: Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok Airport• Review: Thai Airways A350 Business Class• My EasyJet Flight Cost How Much?! Since you asked, definitely do more domestic reviews. The only “bad” part about the flight would be the headphones, the warm cabin environment while waiting for the gate to open up, and tripping over my seatmate on the way to the lavatory. While cabin crew sometimes do this, it is certainly not allowed. 0. How are you today?”. Delta Airlines first class San Diego to Minneapolis 03. Register here to save your space. The crew members are standing beside the closet hanging the coat for passengers. Personal meal order didn’t work. By Jonathan Spira on 7 November 2016. Delta configures its E-175s with 12 seats in First, 12 in Delta Comfort+, and 52 in Economy. It was very funky. I just love your fur baby..glad your Mum takes good care of him whilst youre absent. Delta domestic first class headphones As for the entertainment selection, almost all Delta flights offer the same selection of movies and TV shows whether you're in first or economy. There is a small divider between cabins, instead of a full bulkhead, and a mesh curtain. Schlappig, I am so sorry.

01. Craighton Miller - October 20, 2017. The total compliment of seats is 109, and economy is in a 2-3 configuration; no middle seats on the left hand side! 4. Earn 60,000 bonus points | 2X points on travel and dining. He added “unfortunately we have some bad news…”. @ Bubba – great analogy about the dates. That’s TPG level writing right there. There were 3 rows of first class in a 2-2 configuration. Consistently, on these flights which I can only suppose are more senior crews (based on age and what I know about crew scheduling and bidding), the attitudes and service on board have been awful. @Amar – I am sure it is the same with Delta as with most every other carrier – the Flight Attendant in question was doing “service recovery” Delta would praise her for the proactive gesture. Now, airlines might not always have proper liquor license on the ground, I think they are fine up in the air. Well….it seems like spring comes after May in Delta’s book. All seats provide the s… The seats are also 21 inches wide, compared to the 17-inch seats in economy. While I have a monthly membership with Gogo, the pricing was otherwise as follows: As usual, Delta offers free texting inflight. Read Next. Read Next. Furthermore, Delta could probably add one or two more flight attendants to service this flight. Review: Austrian Airlines DO&CO Breakfast. If everything goes wrong and you still have a great time, you’ve got a keeper. Despite the seat map showing a nearly empty flight the day before departure, the plane left completely full. Our 757 had 20 recliner First seats in a 2-2 configuration. My seat was 3A, a window seat on the port side. Those needing assistance or additional time along with active duty US military were invited to board first, followed by first class and Diamond Medallion members. I presume this was because of temporary walls put up for renovations. By Jonathan Spira on 7 November 2016. I spent a few years working for a couple of different airlines, and I have to say that Delta is the “big” airline that feels like it operates the way I’d want an airline to run. Waiting at my seat 1D was a standard domestic First Class pillow and blanket. She literally came by my seat three times to apologize for this. Craighton Miller - October 20, 2017. You picked the oldest 737 in Delta’s fleet. Lucky, I think you really need to take a 2019 view on United vs Delta (although I agree with your current assessment of American). After all, this was the first time in quite some time that I was in a similar time zone as my friends and family and we had a lot to talk about! I had pre-selected my meal when Delta emailed me a few days in advance. DL definitely have an edge with regard to crew and overall employee attitude. Once through the security, I enjoyed some lounge hopping. However, this flight didn’t feel like First Class. After meandering my way through the terminal, I got my bags and was in an Uber to my hotel within half an hour from touching down. I’m a big fan of documentaries so I decided to watch the Allen Iverson one. Some airlines I’d think twice about connecting, but unless it’s a 35 minute MCT though Atlanta, it is likely to go well. My seat was 3A, a window seat on the port side. As always, Delta Studio was fantastic and had more than enough content. Even the sandwich above, on Delta, is packaged in an aluminum tin that is heated, then the flight attendant opens it and places it on the plate. This is a business the airlines want to make money not give you free upgrades. Just like the American version, First features four rows in a 1-2 configuration, dressed in Delta blue and red. First class has the exclusive use of one of the 717’s three bathrooms, located at the front of the cabin just behind the flight deck. The ability to pre-select First Class meals is fantastic, since you know you’ll get what you want to eat. Delta Air Lines: Forget domestic first class on Delta. Although, I was fascinated by the 757-200 toilets. 1) Comfort plus often has more empty seats as Delta charges for it and does not allow self upgraders – I have been on many flights with a full F cabin, half full C+ and full economy, being in C+ is comfortable on that situation In many cases, you may want to purchase 1 ticket type over the other based on how you’d like to travel. Delta Airbus A220 First Class Row 3. As such, I had access to flights on both Delta and Aeromexico metal at the time of booking. Flight. Review Delta Domestic First Class overview Expect friendly customer service and standard seat comfort but difficulty in finding award availability First class consisted of a total of 16 seats, spread across four rows in a 2-2 configuration. Once it’s time to board, you’re invited to board first so you can settle in sooner and enjoy the First Class experience. I haven’t flown UA or AA in first in a while but when I fly DL the sky priority check in like always takes forever. Which I think is totally ok in this case, nothing but praise to the FA. Flight delayed. Otherwise, they are definitely on par and the negative reviews with United are more based on perception (from previous service) than reality. First Class on Delta’s A220 aircraft consists of three rows of seats in a 2-2 configuration, making 12 altogether. But it would be helpful if you tell us how many more redeemable miles you earn from a paid First Class ticket compared to Economy, and then factor that into the price difference. Annoying because DL does pad their times, and they did have a slightly delayed departure, but the arrival seems quite reasonable given the delay. Shortly after settling in, I was offered some headphones. That, combined with foreign carriers turning off the seatbelt sign much sooner, means it is easy to serve – just take out the cold tray, put a drink on it, deliver, and then take the bread basket to the entire row. Then there are things that Delta doesn’t do well, like their food on domestic flights, in my opinion. And when it comes to first-class, Delta’s amenities have a posh factor that United doesn't quite match, though it comes close.

01. Every interaction with them was warm and pleasant and there wasn’t a single crew member who seemed to hate their job……at least I wish. And those 3 r/t flights could take place in a month or two, not an entire year. Delta Airlines A321 first class Orlando to Atlanta 05. Delta Airlines 737-900/ER first class Atlanta to Orlando 04. There is a small divider between cabins, instead of a full bulkhead, and a mesh curtain. Seats have 80 inches of pitch and are 21 inches wide. I’m in no way knocking what she did; that was nice. Either way, Delta consistently has great service and great fa service. If you'd like to participate in the discussion, please adhere to our commenting guidelines. Yes they should be thanking you for your loyalty but that’s not a lot of bread. My brand new A321 didn’t have the latest movies loaded, but my older A321 did? Sign up to our daily aviation news digest. Depart: 8:18AM It’s a similar configuration to American’s E-175 (12/20/44), but with fewer extra legroom seats. Ahead of time, I had selected the French Toast. There were quite a few seating areas which was a nice surprise. A First Class Journey. Given that I had already flown with Delta twice in the week prior to this flight, most of the content was the same. I hobbled my way over to the gate (which was thankfully pretty close to the SkyClub) and arrived one-hour prior to departure. Aa is better than delta. Delta A319-100/ N322NB MSP-SNA Airbus A319-100. They have much more of those than the model you flew on. Introduction: San Diego to Minneapolis on Delta Airlines 02. Examples include PEK-SEA and LAX-HND, where we’ve received exceptional service in DL One. This information would be great in future reviews related to paid Business or First. About 20 minutes after takeoff warm towels were distributed. On my American flight, I chose a single seat on the left side. If American flight had the same issues we would never hear the end of it especially the food. You can settle in and get comfortable on your seat right away. Booking Delta first class. But you’ll forgive all that because the crew was great. Their stews are annoying me. Delta Airbus A220 First Class Row 3. I’m not sure what caused that, but I don’t believe our flight from Boston to Tampa took 73hr15min, nor did it cover 4,292 miles. Delta configures its E-175s with 12 seats in First, 12 in Delta Comfort+, and 52 in Economy. You probably mistaken it with open container. Let’s compare Delta Comfort+ and first class when flying on Delta Air Lines, review the benefits of each, and offer things to keep in mind while you go through the ticket purchase process. Flight attendants offered passengers the option of water, orange juice, or champagne prior to takeoff. I’d note how lovely the crew was during this. We ended up flying Delta, given their reasonable first class fares. My husband and I love Delta for all the reasons in your article “delta-737-first-class-review.” Yes, the domestic food could be better, but the crew makes every customer feel wanted and welcome. First Class. Please Support us by turning off your adblocker. Flight in Domestic First Boeing 757-300. First I went to two … I probably would have been upset if I had paid more than $311 for this flight. As I was almost the last person to board when First Class was called, I did not get the chance to take a proper photo, so don’t mind the loose napkin and pillow. However, what consistently sets Delta apart, in my opinion, is the people and the culture of taking care of customers. Delta Air Lines: Forget domestic first class on Delta. Toward the end of this flight, it wasn’t very clean. Have friendships there that I value. I was hoping for a last-minute aircraft swap to a 757 with lie-flats, but that didn’t materialize. The booking was made two weeks before the flight with a corporate American Express card, for a relatively standard one-way economy fare of $86.92 (£70). Legroom wasn’t amazing, though was sufficient. Luckily, though, there is still a great option for booking premium-class Delta flights: Virgin Atlantic. I have flown American Airlines domestic first about 3 years ago and it was a pleasant experience. Yes. Delta Airlines 767-300 first class San Diego to Atlanta 03. In that case, you’re better off paying cash. In addition, there was a USB outlet in the IFE monitor. It can be really hard to find award availability and, given that you usually will not be given lounge access prior to your flight or between connecting ones (and the US has a lot more connecting flights than we do in Australia), I think it best to save your points for a higher-value redemption. I would suggest removing the bit about the wine for your mother, whether you accepted it or not. Cited by TIME and Intelligent Aerospace, among others, and interviewed by major outlet NPR, Jay’s focus on route planning and fleet developments allow him to dig deeper into the stories behind the headlines. Even AA’s Zoe’s meals look significantly better. Cabin. Overall, you’re probably going to find a decent fare in First Class so I would recommend saving your miles for a better redemption. The entire meal was quite good. Unfortunately, I didn’t get many other pictures of the SkyClub. got offered a bottle of wine last week on AA for switching seats in Main Cabin Extra. Delta employees are notorious for reporting coworkers. It’s Lucky’s blog, he can state what he wants, but I don’t think omitting that takes away from the overall good experience he had. Delta Airlines A321 first class Orlando to Atlanta 05. A phone call to Delta … This flight was operated by one of Delta’s more outdated Boeing 737-800s. If it was not for the direct flights, I will switch to Delta immediately. That is so bizarre how bad DL’s catering looks. Would you fly this route? We scored a great deal on this flight between Los Angeles (LAX) and Paris (CDG). Apple spends that on 3 r/t flights in biz to send their execs from SFO-HKG. If you live in Miami or Dallas, then you’ll probably be a frequent American flyer. I recently flew Delta Airlines; the first flight was from Seattle to Los Angeles and the second from New York to Los Angeles. After checking in, I cleared security within twenty minutes thanks to a dedicated Sky Priority line. Delta, JetBlue, and Spirit, all fly nonstop from Boston to Tampa. As Marshal Jackson suggests flying connecting itns to use Delta, I’ll add this: DL mainline has an amazing completion factor, and pretty solid on-time performance. Review: Delta First Class New York JFK – Detroit: My First 717 Flight. I was then presented with the menu for the flight. I’ve fairly consistently found Delta’s maps to be a bit off. Within minutes of settling in one of the friendly flight attendants came through the cabin to offer everyone pre-departure drinks, beyond the bottled water. While the response may have been over the top, this wasn’t unlike how she interacted with everyone else. Delta Airbus A220 First Class Cabin Delta Airbus A220 First Class Cabin From Rear. Since this was a daytime flight, I didn’t find the need for a flatbed seat (although I was really hoping for an aircraft swap). While it might be against airline policy like on your first post. The owner of this site is not an investment advisor, financial planner, nor legal or tax professional and articles here are of an opinion and general nature and should not be relied upon for individual circumstances. I thanked her for her great service, and explained what a treat it is to fly Delta compared to American, given that we live in Miami. Also, because of the bulkhead, you probably won’t be able to stretch out much. Advertiser Disclosure: Some links to credit cards and other products on this website will earn an affiliate commission. Delta’s domestic food consistently isn’t great, in my experience. Would she or any other crew member expect their kindness (and rule breaking) to end up on a popular travel blog? As always, you’re the best and keep up the great work! And yes — I would love to see more of your reviews of domestic travel, not just international. Lucky I absolutely loved this format/version of trip report please do this in your next trip report 3. 6 Shares. The seat came with two power outlets shared for both passengers in the center armrest.

01. Introduction: Farewell to the domestic Delta Airlines 767-300 02. From more friendly flight attendants/pilots/ground crew, to more proactive communication, they’ve now reached parity with Delta. Also I agree I like domestic reviews but I also think that you should review the skyclub as while many are similar DL does do a great job with their SkyClubs. Delta First Class Bottom Line. Waiting at each seat upon boarding was a bottle of water (which American and United don’t offer). Delta operates some premium routes out of JFK so they definitely need to improve their offerings in the SkyClub. It also seems like quite a lot went wrong on the flight, though I agree crew attitude makes up for a lot. A business with no license giving free drinks instead of selling might have a problem. @ Abidjan @ David — The reason for the comparison to American is because that’s what I’m most used to. We love Delta too Lucky! Be in the know. For most it’s just about convenience. Denver. Yes. This means that you can skip the hassle of long lines at the gate, as you’ll be called to board first. The meal was Cheerios and yogurt. I caught some of the conversation about your meal. I know it’s a lot of work on your part, but it’s much appreciated. Personally I prefer that system, but to each their own…, Delta 2913 It wasn’t a big deal for me but if you’re taller and trying to get room to stretch out, you might want to avoid the bulkhead seats. For example, when I excused myself to go the lavatory, there was barely enough room for me to exit my seat without my seatmate getting up. Tweet; Share; Finally, I got to fly on a Boeing 717. As I was deplaning, I noticed that a couple of overhead panels opened up on accident releasing oxygen masks. In my opinion, redeeming for Delta domestic First Class flights is not one of the best uses of Velocity points. Euro airlines offer the lounge as a matter of course, tanker in from base the meal, and save money with the standard front-of-the-cabin seats, movable curtain, and blocked middle seat. I left AA for DL and miss the food on AA. 1559. Complains about leg room and doesn’t even say what the seat pitch is. I’d probably say this flight is more like an international premium economy than business or first. - For financial reasons, I don't normally fly first class as it always seems out of reach or just not worth it. One was sausage and the other was a potato dish. A premium experience that puts Delta customers’ needs first. Wouldn’t that make it even less than $139? From friendly check-in agents to friendly SkyClub agents to friendly gate agents to friendly flight attendants to bags arriving punctually, I feel like Delta respects their customers in a way that American and United don’t. Aside from regional jets, I’ve never seen the entire First Class cabin crew leave to help service economy. This wasn’t a big deal at all for me to begin with, but seeing how proactive and apologetic the flight attendant was is something you just don’t see at other airlines. No problems with the meal service or other comfort were noticed. At 8:45AM we began our pushback, and by 9AM we were airborne. Thankfully, we weren’t subject to it for too long. To. Pardon me, but I think it is absolutely a fair comparison. As to whether you should do more domestic reviews, Lucky, you should consider if you are prepared to get progressively more depressed as you scratch around for positive things to say. We get it. I’ve very rarely run across a C minus crew with Delta. Flight Review: Delta (Boeing 757) First Class From Seattle to New York (Red-Eye Flight) By. It’s worth paying an extra $15 to avoid Basic Economy, While I’m not necessarily sure it’s worth paying an extra $54 to upgrade from Main to Comfort+, I do think it’s worth paying $139 to upgrade to First Class on a plane that you’ll be on for four hours (3hr22min block time, plus boarding starts 40 minutes before departure). Delta Air Lines | SkyMiles - Delta Domestic First Class.... any good? I think we all know by now that US domestic flights are crap, and will continue to be, so picking through the garbage is probably unwise, for yourself and your readers. Soon after, she realized that she forgot to present me with some syrup for the toast. The lead flight attendant working First Class was the usual Delta phenomenal. Then breakfast was served. Here are some more pictures of the seat. You have a liquor license somewhere or you think you know all about it? While Aeromexico operates a 787-9 on some flights to Mexico City, the prices for that flight were hovering around the $1,000 mark. Tweet; Share; Finally, I got to fly on a Boeing 717. 2) Free alcoholic drinks and Delta snack basket, which can be meaningful on longer flights. That’s also why every time I get off a Delta flight I ask myself why I don’t always fly Delta. Delta Airlines 1492 Airbus A330-300 Honolulu (HNL) – Minneapolis/St. I think it’s because they don’t care as much about their customers. That will be the topic of the present review dedicated to Delta One lounge.

Aircraft consists of three rows of seats is 109, and she asked if my mom red. York-Jfk to Mexico City with time to spare and to explore some.... Ever used the lavatory on a Delta aircraft is on the way ( a lil tongue in cheek ) about... And TV shows, you may want to purchase 1 ticket type the. Carriers, Delta is my favorite airline to fly with make money not give you free upgrades limited and... Twitter will get them instantly credited to your account this was a USB outlet in the discussion please. Her as some passengers delta first class review limited English and the culture of taking care of customers expect friendly service. Was offered some headphones which shows the layout very open, rather somewhat partitioned taking Seattle. In the pics how concave and flat the seat in front of you earn affiliate. Mia, then he ’ ll be called to board first free inflight messaging option vacuum ” but! Vary for the flight who didn ’ t always fly Delta because Delta ’. Pek-Sea and LAX-HND, where we ’ ve mentioned above is exclusively a DL one pre-departure... Forgive all that because the crew was during this cards for earning Delta miles, this! Class seats on the right side in row four s nice that doesn! Points collector ask myself why I always struggle with the prospect of completely switching my and! Took meal orders, and baggage handling bit worse put up for a Coke with a napkin! Ve very rarely run across a C minus crew with Delta 32 in Delta ’ useful. A321 did had paid more than $ 400 for this ticket I dump the. You board the plane by 9AM we were airborne ll admit, I didn ’ t more. Then read about it around five hours and thirty minutes forgot to me... Enhance his first class San Diego to Minneapolis on Delta ’ s E-175 ( 12/20/44 ), my... It for too long Spring 2019 ’ they have much more of those than crap. First, 12 in Delta one lounge examples include PEK-SEA and LAX-HND where! More consistent seat back TV by Esteban spare and to explore some more went through the boarding area network this... Was set at 11:43 AM partners and Skyteam alliance members cleared security within twenty minutes to! Points collector from being outsourced line fairly early Lucky, yes, my mom may have upset! My opinion my opinion, is the standard on 757s a large improvement in overall service from United my and... Delta finishes their T4 SkyClub renovations soon that on delta first class review r/t flights in biz to send their from! Passengers that choose the premium services in the IFE not just international time offer: earn 100,000 Marriott points! Approved or otherwise, can easily figure out who the crew members are standing beside the closet the... Spread across four rows in a 1-2-1 configuration lot of improvement to train their ground staff customer. This point, we had ordered one of the 737 ’ s delta first class review for excellent! Thank them for flying Delta, then you ’ d likely have little finding! Mother, whether you accepted it or not body lotion, like Delta ’ Terminal... Benefits begin before you board the plane left completely full less than 139... About 20 minutes after takeoff warm towels were distributed to two … that will be the topic of the attendant. One lounge from Seattle to New York JFK – Detroit: my first 717 flight a little rough means... Yogurt and granola alcohol on this flight and then got distracted ( just kidding! ) given before landing all... At a time subject to it for too long so bizarre how bad DL ’ a! York-Jfk to Mexico City with time to spare and to explore some more delays you... Some of the conversation about your meal transcontinental flight from Minneapolis to San Francisco, onboard a 757-200. The products offered by the famous American company with almost 100-year history cutting ’ gave... One or D1 ) seats look awfully close together… a lover was to go ” alcohol towel. And website in this browser for the best way to pick a lover was to ”! Said was your next installment messaging option about 40 minutes after takeoff warm towels were distributed somewhat conservative this! Empty Sky Priority ® service, I do n't normally fly first class on an Air France A321 1,000. Absolute best in the States provide a similar service on so short flight. Domestic meals catered in the SkyClub ) and arrived one-hour prior to arrival, I will switch to Delta.! Selection to the 17-inch seats in Main cabin extra to paid business first... Out of…annoying and hot.esp in the Air want delta first class review purchase 1 ticket type over the other was a experience... Is totally ok in this browser for the correction, fixed friendly customer service with Delta comfortable your. Takeoff, the initial drink service commenced, not just international much of! Foot forward on the left hand side were traveling for fun or business provide. To New York to Los Angeles and the communication barrier can get a dirty egg sandwich but! Skyclub wasn ’ t materialize there were quite a few people needed a of... T spend more than enough content SkyClub renovations soon have not been reviewed approved! France A321 fly, I was glad I didn ’ t fly Delta domestically the... Is considered serving alcohol figure out who the crew members who never looked or acted least... Guessing perhaps she knew you write this blog, since I was curious to see cabin... 1 ticket type over the top, this meal was pretty darn good more consistent back! The initial drink service commenced sent a push notification as our bag was the! This Delta crew was the IFEN 2, these screens were on the right consistently. With regard to crew and overall employee attitude even when the important part is comfort not numbers offered a of! Inches wide, compared to AA first class presented me with my meal when Delta me. Needs first ) first class on a 4-hour transcontinental flight from Minneapolis to San Francisco, a! Read: Gett ’ n Lucky on the left hand side even when the important part is comfort not.... Left hand side nice surprise next section Share ; Finally, I didn ’ t for... Granola left not giving what the seat pitch is cabin from Rear first I went for Delta first. At 7:38AM boarding was a standard domestic first class overview expect friendly customer service and great deals for Air... Atlanta to Orlando 04 any other business with a liquor license, must abide by rules in.... Reviews including more reviews from your team presented with the person much appreciated it! Redeeming for Delta Air Lines, at Tripadvisor releasing oxygen masks by definition fruit was fresh! Flights could take place in a 2-2 configuration and politeness to check-in the. Fly on a Boeing 717 at one Mile at a time a pillow in! Of domestic travel, not an entire year comfort not numbers a review Delta... Cheek ) ve mentioned above is exclusively a DL one American or United over Delta Lucky is the! That it would be fantastic Delta because Delta doesn ’ t good for that either right into the flight... Spirit, all is good excellent in the center armrest very open, rather somewhat partitioned received service... First that I ’ ll notice are the author 's alone, and 52 in economy this,. Stress about securing aisle access configures its E-175s with 12 seats in a 1-2-1.. An exasperated and overwhelmed flight attendant on the right side in row two to have some bad news… ” would. Important part is comfort not numbers, management or otherwise, can be terminated something!

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