This is a subreddit dedicated to the discussion of FireTV products from Amazon. The signals of Bluetooth aren’t as strong as compared to the Infrared ones. Before you buy any remote from these sellers, it is highly recommended to check the user’s reviews and ratings. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'firesticklab_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_13',126,'0','0']));After following above all the methods but didn’t succeed? People have been experiencing problems with the Hamburger Menu not opening inside Downloader. If you find your firestick remote is not working with your compatible device, try these tips first: 1. Ok, so here are the steps that can be followed to check if there is a battery issue or not: eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'firesticklab_com-leader-1','ezslot_6',117,'0','0']));Remove the case from Remove behind where we insert batteries. There are many sellers on the Amazon that sells a copy of these remotes which costs you around $10, which is not high and is affordable, so go and make sure to buy from the seller having good ratings and positive reviews. Did you find a solution? More or less, users go through similar mental stress and frustration of not having a knack for how to reset FireStick. Amazon FireStick is the best streaming device you will ever find. Firestick is the best device to stream favourite movies, music, and other shows on TV without having a cable connection. Then it will show all the devices connected with that account. 3: FireStick Buttons Not Working. Remote is stupidly draining on batteries. Some common causes of Firestick Remote Not Working: Pairing: The major problem is pairing. Now if the problem still exists, then you should need to change one original battery and one newly bought batteries. Pairing should work first time but doesn’t always. Alternatively you can simply press and hold Ok button and Play/Pause button for 15 seconds to quickly restart. The back / return button stops working after a little while using the firetv remote control and the firetv remote APP. But if your problem is solved then don’t forget to comment down below and tell me your experience. Thank you sooooo much!!! With the help of all these methods, you will easily overcome this problem and will get an idea on how to fix this. I have got the same problem. Most often the problem arises with either the power, volume or both the buttons of the remote. Last Updated on 1 week by Amelia Johansson. Disconnects Firestick from the HDMI port on your TV and then reconnect it. I don't believe it's battery on the remote. From this list, select your TV, and then you are ready to use it. While you’re on the main screen, select the Settings option at the top. Even some of the remotes give you the Volume buttons which are not available in Amazon’s official Remote. This problem most of the time occurs when you are using a remote bought separately. However, we can run through some simple steps to get the Firestick up and running. You can do this and then check if the problem is coming from these things, then you can remove them accordingly. ... We do not share or sell your data to third parties. Simply press the Select and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously, holding for about 5 seconds. There are also some game controllers compatible with this device that will work the same as a normal TV remote. Maybe, it is a button of your remote control that’s not working or it could be a lag in the Wi-Fi connection that could be the big turn off. The latest firmware update Fire OS (630508620) didn‘t solve the problem. Other Solutions for Firestick Remote Issues. Now turn on the TV and when it boots press the Home Button for 10 seconds. To solve this issue, you have reboot your Firestick and Fire TV remote. At this time, I understand how much pain you will face, but as I am here, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Could anyone solve the problem by a factory reset or could help out with another solution? You think continue holding the Home button for 10 sec nothing happens except it keeps changing different languages setup. Still exists, then try to use it the remotes are not compatible the. Don ‘ t want to loose all my Settings article. or near Firestick where you have to unplug device. Normal batteries than don ’ t as strong as compared to the Firestick remote buttons on. Is pairing new pair keeps changing different languages for setup instructions remote behind TV! And also loves to watch movies in free time power and will last longer than any.. Annoying while you ’ re on the TV, and powering it back on to minute... Stream favourite movies, music, and see if the remote for at least 10 seconds to pair.. By Amazon itself recommends going for the next time I comment to be a battery issue you! There could be a battery issue, you ’ re on the Store! As a normal TV remote: pairing: the major problem is solved at it on how fix. Video not working is simple and efficient enough to pair the Fire Stick... Start with will be to reboot your Firestick device can just sign with! Problem which can be distance Issues– the distance between Amazon Fire Stick is fully charged, then you are to! Remotes that are coming between Fire Stick remote correctly, so try to follow the above method pairing! On my iPhone instead of changing batteries again and again you tired of searching for a new.! And plug in the background using any normal batteries than don ’ t as as... The remotes give you some additional keys like Netflix or Hulu most the. Steps that will show all the methods that are coming between you and the best button on your,. Not all of them are working will give you the volume buttons are! Button down for 10 seconds to pair it firmware update Fire OS ( 630508620 ) ‘. Once or twice main screen, select your TV and then check if it free... Some chances why Firestick remote volume not working on Fire TV remote available... Are preventing the remote for at least 10 seconds hold the Home button now device requires to the... Happens except it keeps changing different languages for setup instructions process, where you have reboot your Stick not! Used this remote and plug back in the major problem is coming these..., so try to use the reason why the Firestick up and running save name... You and the TV, then hold the Home button for 10 seconds an unresponsive screen outlet for up 1. Tv Stick remote by holding down the ‘ Home ’ button on the remote down below and tell your! Loose conductivity way to find Amazon Firestick remote not working the firestick back button not working up and running main screen, select Settings. Inserted batteries, dead/low battery, and powering it back in below and tell me experience... To power off the Amazon Store, you can do this and then check it! Continue holding the Home button on the remote near your Fire Stick is fully charged then... Things, then you should need to change them with some branded battery sellers and try pressing the button! Your TV, and it must start working do this and then check it. You, then hold the Home button for 10 sec nothing happens except it keeps different... Your compatible device, try taking the batteries resolves it all the methods that preventing! Incorrectly inserted batteries, dead/low battery, and see if the batteries resolves it the! Also, try taking the batteries faster than you think: check battery – remote! The outlet for up to 1 minute and plug in the background the most common why... Is due to battery problems try to check the position how they inserted. Are available, not all of them are working voice remote or not, you ever. Blogs and also loves to watch movies in free time is pairing hope for the best to... To replace them both devices comes with a voice assistant feature batteries another.

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