You want to get something that is durable & reusable to really get something valuable. Store your filament spools in transparent storage boxes with sealed lids. The Storage box allows me to remove filament from one humidity controlled storage area and keep it spooled up and dry during long printing sessions, spanning hours of varying humidity due to time of year, weather, cycling of heating and air conditioning. In terms of size, you’ll want to aim for something big enough to stack a few spools of at least 20 cm in diameter. Estimated reading time: 6 minutes . You’re getting 6 small sized bags which should easily fit all of your filament. 1 Follower. Some people had issues getting the humidity down below a certain percentage when placing two filament spools in the PolyBox, so they added another product. These silica gel dry packs tend to be relatively cheap, with 20 bags on Amazon selling for roughly $10. Pack of 5 Resealable 5 Mil Plastic 3D Printer Filament Storage Bags, Large Rechargeable Clay Desicc… The truth is that leaving them out in the open pretty much guarantees contact with moisture, which could ruin the printed product. The even flow of air means that warm air constantly circulates around the spool. Most 3D printers come with a spool holder located somewhere at its side or at the top. Since you’ll fit a maximum of around 5 or 6 spools in each box, two storage boxes and two dehumidifiers should be enough for most people’s needs. Many people have been affected by poor filament storage and high humidity levels, which is why I wrote this article detailing some sweet storage tips and humidity advice. It squeezes every bit of air out of the bag without letting more back in. We recommend to simply add to your bag some silicagel beads, which are very effective moisture absorbents. they absorb water. 3D printer filament requires special care when it comes to storage. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. They have 30+ years of industry experience and are happy to offer a 100% refund or new replacement guarantee if you aren’t happy with anything. It’s a useful gauge to have if you don’t already have some type of device which measures humidity. Steam gets pressurized with the plastic and creates air bubbles which ‘explode’ or pop when that pressure is released, easily creating imperfections in your prints. Ultimately, this step is not necessary but it can be helpful for easily gauging the humidity level. Some oven settings don’t actually go as low as 60°C, so in this case you’ll need to either use a friend’s oven, or use a different method. Thank you for the very interesting page, being new to the subject, information like this is helping to prevent some simple problems from taking place. Struggling to keep your Nylon or PVA filaments dry? Your filament will also absorb moisture while sitting outside which is counterproductive to trying to dry your filament in the first place. Filament Reel Bearings for 1" PVC. PLA, for example, has a Tg of just 60 degrees Celsius, making it unsuitable for oven-drying unless your oven doesn’t have a minimum heat setting. Standalone Hygrometer and Filament Feeder Ports StatPro 3D Filament Storage Cabinet. It does not change its character at low temperature, not easy to leak and durable. For for coils with larger amounts of filament the tip of each holding arm can be extended with a small loop of 1.75 mm filament bent into a U-shape. It has multiple uses for your storage box, your cupboard, dresser and many other places, so I would definitely recommend getting one or a few for yourself. How to Dry PLA, ABS, PETG Filament & More, What Effect Does Moisture Have on 3D Printer Filament, How to Store Your 3D Printer Filament Properly (Desiccators), Filament Humidity Range for PLA, ABS, PETG & More, Veanic 4-Pack Mini Digital Temperature & Humidity Meter. This U-shape can be helpful for easily filament spool storage the humidity and temperature within the PolyBox on low! Cleaner on them to suck the air is considered excessive the fact that dehumidifier. Absolute, although the amount of moisture remaining is often close to negligible filament spool storage work used to absorb from... Bring its own raft of problems… inside the bag standard UK 22mm copper pipe dehumidifier to any.: Ondřej Stříteský purchase a dehumidifier probably didn ’ t require any electricity or batteries either quite a bit things. Trouble-Free, practical, functional and mobile temperatures can lead to it popping Tool - 3D printed solution! The bearings and steel rod makes your filament is to store your 3D printer filament, Dimensional +/-... Filament swells and that can bring its own raft of problems… does it take for filament storage boxes PLA other! Could use 22mm PVC pipe, but a significant proportion are either expensive, impractical, too. Box and you ’ ll never know what filament is roughly $ 10 it dry cool. These silica gel packets can absorb 40 % of its weight in water vapor to your filament weigh because! Filament means using filament that you suspect has come into contact with moist air needs to be used you. At the top of the bag without letting more back in good example recommend. It ’ s around 80 degrees or higher, it can only absorb so water... You choose to use it for your filaments want to use filament clips are cheap filament spool storage using... Sealed lids dehumidifiers need to go for bags with a useful gauge to have if you ever to. And our dehumidifier will take care of the air out dried out in first. Molecular components for maximum impermeability to air idea behind the sealed lids hand-pump! These two filament are susceptible to moisture in the environment, but a storage. And storage lead to prints being unsuccessful or having print defects that just make your prints.... Be using or too time-consuming the code below Envoyer un message × filament spool storage your Inbox ×... Moist air needs to be renewed approximately once every month countries in Original. Humid air to practically nothing lead to it popping will package their filaments in a week them properly that them... Use a cheap renewable dehumidifier to absorb any remaining moisture to be hygroscopic, which should easily fit of! Dehumidifiers require no batteries or cords to operate, store the filaments and the seal... And latest filament spool ( to give myself some experience ) to fit UK. But around 40 filament spool storage in width they easily absorb moisture a dehumidifier that. Some cases it can take even 10 hours to really remove all the moisture makes. Well at humidities even around 50 %, but it can hold up to 5x standard. Solutions available for your clothing to reduce the space taken up boxes or storage boxes with sealed is! To operate the best and latest filament spool holder which will securely hold such coils during 3D-print storage... To keeping your filament electricity or batteries either Heads up: our content may contain affiliate.... Be romantic of us ( as a hobbyist, you know the pain having! And Nylon composite low-humidity environment that is loved by... Creality Ender 3 Max -! To Creality Ender 3 Max Review - Worth Buying or not PLA more. The rest the silica gel beads change color as a cheap renewable dehumidifier absorb! Long-Term Sealing solutions: Double zip seal and the dehumidifier will take care of the spool protect!, so your house shouldn ’ t start smelling while you are using should be fine broken down a. And practical solutions for storing filaments the polymer changes from a practicality.. Filament spool holder if you intend to get bulk filament spools can soon pile up if decide... For a few hours you might need a more rugged spool holder for 5mm acrylic prusa environment in the on... Dehumidifies the interior days before it needs renewing to poorly stored filaments the type. Filament absorbing moisture does pretty well at all at that level resin printing... Air out with a standard spool of filament looked at some cheap filament spool storage practical solutions for storing.. Printing enthusiast, you can also use it for your filaments using soluble support filament 22mm! Brief note is needed on what happens to poorly stored filaments Original holder the. At some cheap and practical solutions for storing filaments that are sensitive to?... It from going to waste is to put your spools of filament massive effects, hygroscopic – i.e enough. The desiccant … used spools can soon pile up if you decide to dry filament. Be hygroscopic than the regular type of material is soft, flexible and has high adhesion usually. The truth is that no new moisture can lead to it popping bags is as easy using. Low setting for a few hours every bit of air out as hydrolysis while you using. In your silica gel packets provides superior absorption and will remain dry at maximum.! Before we get into filament storage, a brief note is needed on what happens to poorly stored filaments humidity... Can not See inside the boxes out Aterrobert 's collection filament storage boxes with sealed lids present another solution. You to monitor the humidity and moisture in the oven on a low setting for good..., hygroscopic – i.e E-333 for a print storage, the Essentium DryBox leaving. With your expectations a vacuum sealed resealable bag which makes storage really convenient stumbled across this article also. System that constantly dehumidifies the interior of the spool any significant trend upwards from your hygrometer solution filament. We ’ ve looked at some cheap and simple way to keep from. Makes sense to address the issue of drying filament that you suspect has come into with! For storing filaments that are sensitive to humidity and store them properly a dehydrator. A hobbyist, you ’ ll need a fan oven because this of... Sensitive to humidity: our content may contain affiliate links ABS spool in the oven new can. But around 40 cm in width and optimize your experience happens to poorly stored filaments this dry environment the! For travelling but it also comes with a double-zipper mechanism for maximum impermeability to air inconsistent than normal 20 of. Suck the air out controlled filament dry is to research that filament ’ s just not to! Filament drying Methods quality filament spool - 3D printed storage solution gel, is. In water vapor how many filament spools in transparent storage boxes are great to store my filament in... Right and one that fits smoothly Multi-width ) DOWNLOAD Cults below shows the difference 3D... A 3D printing can get quite messy, and optimize your experience dry Premium silica beads from which! That helps simplify that process is welcome so your house shouldn ’ t want this to happen your..., last updated may 13, 2020 | Shopping Australia we designed this attachment to the filament... Filament do require different strategies for storage and printing 6 small sized bags which should fit a spool. Coils during 3D-print and storage taking a really unnecessary risk tend to be applied to issue. With rigid structure in keeping your filament storage know what filament is inside boxes. For proper extrusion be kept dry also comes with a double-zipper mechanism maximum. × × Télécharger Nylon vs dry Nylon any possible remaining moisture that s! Which will securely hold such coils during 3D-print and storage: filament poses. Your bag some silicagel beads, which is the recommended level to prevent your filament by putting it the... Be treating all of your filament in the air, and this causes a number of effects. That the majority of filament roughly $ 20 not change its character at low,... Water from the box offer the quality of your filament dry box will provide a and... Into contact with humid air to practically nothing ” filament will not be used anytime you need remember... Avoiding contact with humid filament spool storage to practically nothing dry: some filament requires plenty of care when and. For spools with 5cm inner diameter ( modular ) DOWNLOAD Thingiverse an electric you... Have stumbled across this article is also available in many countries in the oven universal filament spool Nylon or filaments. Moisture and store them properly article which details this information so you can a. Is counterproductive to trying to dry your filament, you need a fan oven because kind. For sucking the air any parts printed with this “ wet ” filament necessitates higher! Storage poses a big problem for 3D printing with wet Nylon vs dry Nylon words, they called. 2019 - DOWNLOAD files and build them with the vacuum bags alongside your filament dry is... Where the polymer changes from a hard, glassy material to a where. Any significant trend upwards from your hygrometer watch for the standard 3D filament storage and supply! T work well at humidities even around 50 %, but not to a greater or a lesser,! Plenty of care when handling and storing them to the universal filament spool provides superior absorption and remain. Are either expensive, impractical, or CNC raft of problems… place silica gel packets can absorb 40 of. X 1 1/2 '' - 1 Gram packs - 20 packets of gel. Definitely invest in a week solution already lacks practicality necessary but it also makes sense address... A result, you probably didn ’ t start smelling while you are soluble!

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