Editor's note 3/30/2017: This article has been corrected to indicate that you can use Alexa to both lock and unlock an August Smart Lock. Slide the August Smart Lock over the tailpiece and attach it to the mounting plate. Will tie in Ring with Homekit! Cookies help us deliver our Services. To get status, I'm using IFTTT to sync with an HE Virtual lock. thanks for sharing. Invite Guests. Make sure the back of the lock is flush with the door. I’ve been waiting for something new and watching for awhile - especially August. It is basically the hub for the lock that connects it to your homes wi-fi. Pair the Navis Paddle with any August Smart Lock for 100% hands-free, keyless entry. ; Always will give your guest unlimited access to your lock. You should have already paired the lock with the app. Connecing Harmony & August Smart Lock: Launch the MyHarmony desktop software and sign into your account. Amazon: August Smart Lock Pro ($229) Amazon: Samsung SmartThings Hub ($69) August Smart Locks integrate directly with the Airbnb hosting platform to completely automate the check in and check out process. It comes with support for Z-Wave Plus , which makes it compatible with … Once installed and set up, you'll be able to lock and unlock your doors through your Ring app. Discover a more convenient home with August today. Open your August Home App. Please integrate with August! Ring has the ability to integrate Ring devices (including Ring Alarm) with many different models of 300-series Z-Wave smart locks from various manufacturers. Works with Ring Video Doorbells & Security Cameras too. Instantly let friends, family and home services in, even when you're not at home. 30-day money-back guarantee | Free US shipping | Limit one discount code per customer, Wi-Fi Smart Lock + Navis Paddle in Black Suede, Pair the Navis Paddle with any August Smart Lock f. 1) The IOS August app works fine to command the lock. Add me to the list of frustrated August lock owners with a year of stale announcement under my belt. Unfortunately, each August lock does require a dedicated August Connect device. This would take it to another level if I could connect to my 3rd gen August Smartlock Pro. It's all sent silently to Google Assistant. I cannot wait for this feature. Lock and unlock your August Smart Lock remotely, right from your phone. Free 2-Day Shipping! Get notifications from Google Home and Android devices of activity at your doorstep with all August Doorbell Cameras. ; Type the person's phone number to send them an invite. 2) My iPhone, AppleTV and August lock are both fully up-to-date on versions. The only thing we didn't like with August Lock was its design. ; Recurring will set a date and time for the guest to have access. August lock integration with Ring Doorbell It wii be great if they integrate August Lock and other smart locks with Ring doorbell. This gives you one-touch lock/unlock capability. See if the lock is locked or unlocked in the Ring App; Create individual or shared access codes in the Ring App to let guests control your lock or Ring Alarm security system; Link the lock to your Ring Alarm to lock and arm the Ring Alarm in away mode at the same time. I invested in 3 August locks prior to getting the Ring alarm and was bummed they didn't integrate. Press J to jump to the feed. Does anyone know if this was ever implemented and is August compatible with ring alarm, so for example when I lock the door it enable the alarm. Also, Siri works fine on my iPhone while at home to instruct the lock. The August smart lock app called August Home has a really low rating on the Google Play Store, which is the app store used by Android users. I see a bunch of posts from August back in January stating that support is coming soon. The state of the sensor will be the name of the party operating the lock as returned by August. - If you have an iPhone, add the August widget to your lock screen. Arrive at your door with auto-unlock and easily push your door open with your hip or elbow when your hands are tied. The new doorbell camera can connect to August smart locks -- and any smart lock under the Connected by August umbrella -- so that you can also unlock your door when people arrive. August sent us an August Smart Lock Pro for testing, . While you've been able to connect your August door lock to SmartThings previously, over Z-Wave, it now works through a direct integration. When doorbell rings and you see the person at the door, you should be able to unlock the door for your guest right from Ring app. The August Smart Lock Pro requires the August Connect to access a lot of functionality of the lock like remote access and notifications. You must first pair your August Smart Lock Pro with the August Home App. Ring has announced integration with August this year. ; Enter manufacturer August and model Smart Lock, followed by Add. And if you have the new iPhone X and Face ID, your phone will automatically unlock for you as soon as you look at it, so unlocking your august lock is one swipe + one tap away. When you have an active call from your Ring Doorbell, tap the menu button in the lower right corner (the icon shows 3 horizontal lines). On my front door, I now have a Yale YRD256 Z-Wave Plus lock. Buy Now Learn More Smart Locks From $149.99 Doorbell Cameras From $199.99 Accessories. Works with Ring Features. Hello, I’ve been wanting to add a smart lock for quite some time. Using a 5-star system, this app has a rating of 3.8, which is really low since the lowest possible rating is one star. I have my "ring" of security almost complete! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Using the SmartThings Classic app, you can connect your August Smart Lock Pro and have full control from your Android or iOS device. I even called Ring techs and tried to integrate as they have Zwave but no luck. Return to the Ring App once you have finished unlocking the door. Kwikset Kevo smart lock now works with the Ring™ Video Doorbell, so you can use the wireless camera to see and speak with whoever is at your door when they ring the doorbell and unlock it to let them in, all from your smartphone. Control your August Smart Lock* with your voice using any Google Home and Android devices. It wii be great if they integrate August Lock and other smart locks with Ring doorbell. Does the August Connect work with multiple locks? Select the Devices tab on the left side of the screen, then the Add device link near the center of the page. Get notifications from any Alexa-enabled device of activity at your doorstep with all August Doorbell Cameras. Ring recently announced that they now have integration with Z wave smart locks from different major manufacturers like Yale, Schlage and Kwikset. Yes and the August Smart Lock Pro works with homekit so you can have your iphone unlock the door and turn off the Ring Alarm system with a proximity-geo fencing setting too! Easily lock, unlock & check your lock’s current status from the Ring App. I moved it to within 3 feet of the august lock just to eliminate range issues. Connecting the lock to WIFI is helpful for using it with Apple HomeKit. I also asked the same question of August CS, and The price for August Lock is $229 and you can purchase it on the company website as well as Amazon. Pair an August Smart Keypad with your current August Smart Lock to grant secure, keyless access codes to your guests! This allows the lock to be opened from the inside by turning the August itself. Tap the icon for your smart lock system. which we originally set up and reviewed with our Frontpoint system.We were not impressed. The $249 August Smart Lock Pro is the company's most capable retrofit smart lock. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I had the original Okidokeys smart lock some years ago and it was about as good as any 1st Gen smart lock but when we moved this summer, I didn’t even bother reinstalling it. ... Add keycode access to your smart lock for even more convenience. You will be taken to that app so you can unlock the door for your guest. With a retrofit design, August Smart Locks install over your existing hardware. The August Smart Lock allows you to choose from two access levels for your guests and family: Owner and Guest. I just got the ring alarm system. Each role has different permissions and access to certain features on the August app. This sub is run by the community and has no affiliation with Ring.com or its products. Guests don't have to ring the bell to activate … The August Smart Lock offers all the key features you want in a smart lock, like tacking who enters and leaves, create keys for guests, get notifications and provide access to visitors. A community space for discussion about all things Ring. The August Smart Lock Pro utilizes a technology called Z-Wave, which is compatible with the SmartThings Hub. ; Select your Harmony product from the Remote Gallery screen. ; Swipe Right. 3) I have a 4th generation AppleTV and 2nd generation August lock. ; Tap Invite. The serial number of your August Smart Lock is located on the back of the device. If you would like to connect the August Smart Lock Pro to a WIFI network, complete the following steps: 1. Works with Google Assistant (Requires Wi-Fi). ​Control your Smart Lock Pro using your voice with an iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod, iPad or just about any Apple device. The below automation example (added to automations.yaml) will trigger when the user named “John Doe” in August locks or unlocks the door from the keypad (if present), via Bluetooth from their phone, or by auto-unlock. https://www.androidpolice.com/2019/01/08/ring-announces-new-alarm-sensors-smart-locks-and-alexa-voice-control/, this is the best news ever! *Connect Wi-Fi Bridge or Wi-Fi Built-In required for August Smart Lock voice commands. August is continuing its quest to be the all around, most compatible smart lock out there, with an announcement of a new integration with Samsung's SmartThings home automation platform. Control your August Smart Lock* with your voice using any Alexa-enabled device. Control your August Smart Lock* with your voice using any Google Home and Android devices. The outer shell turns the lock through several gears. Or unlock and disarm the Ring Alarm at the same time. Our lack of satisfaction had less to do with the lock itself and more to do with the implementation of the integration, so instead of giving up on August Smart Lock Pro, we decided to test it as a standalone device. Before you start creating your Guestlist and adding permissions on your August Smart Lock, it’s crucial to understand how user accounts work. Some functionalities will not be available on this option. Pair to the app. August Home's Smart Lock just got smarter with the Doorbell Cam and Smart Keypad add-ons for it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Get notifications from Google Home and Android devices of activity at your doorstep with all August Doorbell Cameras. Many people worry about the transition to a smart lock because they are so used to their old analog key system, but with a … Forget your keys, or keep them. I works, but slow and clunky. To secure the August Smart Lock, clamp down both side wing latches to the mounting plate completely. So I'm glad to hear this will be coming soon! Press down on the August logo located at the bottom of the face plate. You can choose Always, Recurring, or Temporary settings for your guest invitation. When doorbell rings and you see the person at the door, you should be able to unlock the door for your guest right from Ring app. The best part about smart locks is that they grant better access to your home, and Yale does a great job of that with their touchscreen locks. So HE is telling Google Assistant Relay (silently) to lock the August lock, and Unlock (with a voice code), but you don't hear it.

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