This tutorial will show you how to change the default browser to the one you prefer in Outlook. Click on Outlook 2016 and a popup will show all available email apps on your computer. When windows 10 asked me to set up an email account I picked account A. I now want to use account B. If I set my default browser to Internet Explorer, when I go to open a link from outlook, I get this message: I have IE set as the default browser, clicking the "... [SOLVED] Windows 10, Outlook 2010 links still cause IE default browser popup. Instructions in this article apply to Outlook for Microsoft 365 and Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010 running on Windows. Click on make default in the default web browser . For example, we use Outlook 2016 as a default email client, however Windows 10 recommends using the Mail app. Click on any of the app to change the default settings. When the pop-out menu appears, select Settings . 6. For some users, they prefer to open the web pages in other browsers, such as Firefox, Google rather than your default browser. 7. So if a mailto link is selected, OWA is launched, NOT Outlook or Outlook Express. That’s our guide on how to change the default browser in Windows 10… Let us change the default Email client from Outlook 2016 to Mail app. Hi, I have made Seamonkey my default browser. Looking for a way to configure IE, Chrome, and/or Safari such that Outlook Web Access is the default email client. On Windows 10. Select a new browser in the pop-up window. Exchange Server is 2007. Mozilla's CEO is not very happy with Microsoft's decision to make Microsoft Edge the default browser in Windows 10. Setting a Default Browser In Windows 10. At the very bottom is the setting for your default Web Browser. Configuration – windows settings – Right click internet explorer maintenance and select preference mode. In Windows 10, you can set the default browser (and the default for other apps) with the Settings app. Click the button under the “Web Browser” section. To apply to individual machine . dialog) appears with the list of browser choices.This is an issue in Windows 10 with Outlook 2007 or 2010 installed, and Internet Explorer set as the default browser. The button is named by whatever browser is currently the default. Change the default browser with changing the default … ... Seamonkey is my default browser, but IE opens through Outlook in Browsers and Email. Click the current default browser. Select the Start button , located in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. To set Microsoft Edge as your default browser in Windows 10, take the following steps. Double click programs. She writes, "There are many Googlecentric explanations online about how to set Chrome as your default browser and Gmail as your default mail program on Windows 10, but they all break down at one crucial step. Changing the settings makes Microsoft Outlook your computer's default application for sending and receiving email messages, storing appointments and reminders on a calendar, and retaining information for your contacts. When you click a hyperlink in Outlook 2007 or 2010 with Internet Explorer set as the default, the Open With window ("How do you want to open this?" Search default browser. Just head to Settings > Apps > Default Apps. Go to Settings (open the start menu and click on the gear icon) then inside the Apps group under Apps & Features follow the Default Apps link. Click on radio button modify settings.

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